• Name: Casino Royale
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, in the sub-basement of a casino.
  • Composition: Glass Walkers, small, re-emergent Bone Gnawer population
  • Totem: Easy Credit
  • Nature:
  • Level:
  • Sept Alpha:
  • Caern Warder:
  • Moon Bridges:

History: Once held by the Bone Gnawers, the Vegas caern became the setting of inter-tribal warfare in the summer of 2000, when several packs of Glass Walkers, led by Hunter "Fluid Master" Wood, came in to take over. They were helped by Jack Salem, then an Ahroun, and a rather mercenary Ronin Ragabash named Lara Grey. The Ronin broke her contract and left before the end of summer, and Salem himself, upon learning of the true Wyrm-tainted nature of Hunter's people, contacted his tribemates at Steel Angel before leaving town. Assisted by members of the Los Angeles Sept, the Gnawers of Casino Royale were triumphant, and Hunter and many of his followers were killed. Yet the cost was heavy in Garou lives, and though some of the Californian Walkers remained to help with the rebuilding, relations between the two tribes was strained.

In 2008, disaster struck for Rat's tribe in the form of a vampire attack which killed many and caused the rest to flee. According to one survivor, Andre, the vampires were sent by the Glass Walkers of Casino Royale, though the truth of his has not been verified.

In 2009, a group of Philodoxes and Theurges arrived in the Sept to determine what had happened in 2008. Finding systemic corruption in the Sept Totem and leadership, an intense wave of judgment and cleansing began that is still underway.

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