A Caern is a site of great holy and mystical power to the Garou, with powerful totem spirits bound to it. Their worship of Gaia centers on these magickal regions, and usually their gatherings (moots) take place at them. The group of all Garou who live at or near a given Caern is referred to as a Sept. --From News Caern

Over the years, there have been many Caerns on GarouMUSH, beyond our beloved Hidden Walk. There are broken down by locality. Unsurprisingly, most Caerns on the MUSH are based on North America.

For a sample entry, please see the Hidden Walk. A template can be copied and pasted from here.

For the categorized and alphabetized listing, see Category: Caerns.

Caerns in the United States

Pacific Coast caerns

Southwestern Caerns

Intermountain West Caerns

Midwestern Caerns

Southeastern Caerns

Mid Atlantic Caerns

New England Caerns

Canadian Caerns

Other North American Caerns

South American caerns

European caerns

Asian caerns

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Australasian caerns

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