Ownership of the Caern and Surrounding LandsEdit

The Caern Proper and the Nearby BawnEdit

In 1996, Precision Products spent $485 million on 24,250 acres of virgin forest at $20K/acre--not a very good deal, but it was either paying over four times what the land was worth or let a vampire own the bawn and caern. This 24,250 acres encompasses the caern, the nearby bawn, and extends southwards to connect with WWNP (except for the railroad property which is emminent domain owned by the railroads even if it is not currently in use) and eastwards towards the base of the Blue Mountains. There territory does not extend very far to the north and the west of the caern, but there is a relatively decent buffer.

There is one exception in the Precision Product's articles of incorporation: There is a $20 million dollar parcel of land (1,000 acres at $20K/acre) that has been set aside specifically for the person in possession of a deed to this section of land. Additional lands can be added to this parcel of land at the cost of about $20K/acre (currently). The land in question is a square (31.62 acres x 31.62 acres) with the caern at the center. This deed has quietly been passed from Alpha to Alpha of the Sept. The Alpha, with the co-signing of the acting Warder, has the power to sell all or part of the caern lands and nearby bawn it is on--should such a drastic measure ever need be taken.

Other OwnersEdit

Also in 1996, Sandrego Enterprises spent $400 million on 100,000 acres of virgin forest at $4K/acre--a decent deal. This property forms an "L" shape (rotated clockwise by 90 degrees) that completely surrounds Precision Product's purchase on the North and West sides. For whatever reasons, no development has occured on these lands after it was purchased.

In addition, MondoBank (a regional banking company with no known supernatural connections/influence) spent $80 million on 16,000 acres of virgin forest at $5K/acre--a bit higher than Sandrego Enterprises paid because of the proximity to a town and a road which makes development much easier. The 16,000 acres forms a very narrow strip of land (about a dozen acres deep) that runs north-south along the east side of Highway 90 (the forest). This strip of land is currently being logged and developed--in addition to the occasional homesteads and farms along this stretch of highway. In essence, Kent Crossing is growing and the bank is turning a very significant profit on their investment from 10 years ago.

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