The transformation of the Caern had the most effect on the outer wards. They are based on the power of the Wyld, which is the direct source of the Caern's rebirth and the reason for the presence of so many wyldlings, who also help to power the outer wards. These outer wards encompass the entire bawn, and their ability to redirect or confuse trespassers has increased greatly since the rebirth. In essence, the outer wards befuddle and mislead the unwary traveler. Their primary purpose is to confuse humans, leading them out and away from the Caern proper. However, they can and do have a similar effect upon fomori and any weak-willed shifters, mages -- even Garou who do not know the way through, or do not know the way _well_. Like all things in the World of Darkness, their power is not absolute, and a very strong-willed and strong-purposed character may be able to breach them. Animals are not generally bothered by the outer wards, and anyone could be led through them safely by a knowledgeable Garou. Since humans are the primary targets of the outer wards, and cannot in general traverse the Umbra, the outer wards affect only the Realm. This means the Umbral bawn, by and large, goes unprotected during the day.