*'''Name:''' (name)
*'''Location:''' (brief location description)
*'''Composition:''' (list of tribes given membership)
*'''Totem:''' (Totem or totems connected to the caern)
*'''Nature:''' (nature of the caern (usually; Calm, Enigmas, Fertility, Gnosis, Healing, Honor, Humor, Kingship, Plenty, Rage, Stamina, Streetwise, Strength, Visions, Will, Wisdom, or Wyld))
*'''Level:''' (1-5, check with wizards)
*'''[[Sept Alpha]]:''' (name, rank, breed, tribe, auspice)
*'''[[Caern Warder]]:''' (name, rank, breed, tribe, auspice)
*'''Moon Bridges:''' (list septs to which this sept is connected)

*'''Former Residents:''' (List of PCs or former PCs who have been members of this Sept)
*'''Visitors:''' (List of PCs or former PCs who have visited, but not gained membership)
*'''OOC Contact:''' (Current player responsible for this Sept, or Wizards if no such currently active player exists.)

'''Recent Events:'''
:(Any noteworthy events that would impact use for PCs or story purposes, added after the Sept has been established in the game.)

:(Information about the history, long term or recent, about the sept – how it came to be, how it developed, answers about why and when)

'''Persons of Note:'''
:(Any individual NPCs who can be of interest or use in stories or backstories. Can include those listed as Alpha and Warder, but do not need to. Can also include individuals not holding Sept positions but who may be of interest, otherwise.)
:(List individuals separately)

:(Physical description of the environs and/or the caern itself. Can include more in depth description of location, as well as physical descriptions of the area.)

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