Caern Powers Edit

Caern Level Gauntlet Moon Bridge Distances[1]
1 4 1,000 Miles
2 4 2,000 Miles
3 3 3,000 Miles
4 3 6,000 Miles
5 2 10,000 Miles

Natures of Caerns Edit

Type Power[2] Spirits Encountered[3]
All Open Moon Bridge[4] (Depending)
Enigmas Enigmas Ability Illusion, Shadow, Chameleon-spirit
Gnosis Gnosis points Engling, Ghost
Healing Health Levels Peace, Calm, Water elemental
Leadership Leadership, Intimidation War, Bird-spirit
Rage Rage points War, Pain
Stamina Soak Dice Protection, Guardian, Turtle-spirit
Strength Strength Attribute War
Urban Streetwise City elemental
Visions Oracular visions Bird-spirit
Will Willpower points War, Ancestor-spirit
Wisdom Rituals, Expression Owl-spirit, Ancestor-spirit
Wyld Anything Wyldling
  1. The distance a Moon Bridge can traverse depends on the rating of the caern where the gate is opened (not that of the destination). If the Moon Bridge is not opened at a caern (for example, a Bridge created by a Lune or other spirit), the distance traversible is 1000 miles.
  2. One point/level/die is gained per success (see Rite of the Opened Caern, pp. 140-141).
  3. These are the spirits most often encountered near caerns of that type. However, there is no guarantee that they are always to be found. Other spirits may also be encountered (Storyteller's discretion).
  4. Only if the two caerns in question have successfully completed a Rite of the Opened Bridge (pg. 141).
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