A Caern is a site of great holy and mystical power to the Garou, with powerful totem spirits bound to it. Their worship of Gaia centers on these magickal regions, and usually their gatherings (Moots) take place at them. The group of all Garou who live at or near a given Caern is referred to as a Sept.

Caern of the Hidden Walk Edit

Currently on GarouMUSH there is one Caern, and the protecting sept is the Sept of the Hidden Walk.

Once, the Caern of the Hidden Walk was a Wendigo Caern. That Caern died, and in 1993, the Hidden Walk (then the Wheel Renewed), was reawakened.

Since 1993, it has been, at various times, drained of energy by a Mage, restored by Wyld magic, had its Totems sacrifice themselves for the good of the Caern, been taken over by Black Spiral Dancers, and reclaimed by the Garou. Its Totems have been, at various times, Buffalo, Cougar, Magpie, Fog, Chimera, and now an odd triumvirate of spirits that don't seem to fit in with the traditional totem-set.

Its Nature is Wyld and Visions. (Having a Caern with two natures is not standard; RP happened. Your character may well be surprised by this.)

For more information on this Caern, contact a knowledgeable Garou.

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