Totem of War Background Cost: 3

Bull's strength lies not in subtlety or wisdom, but in brute strength. He is generally favored mainly by younger, warlike Garou--especially ahrouns. Quietly, many claim that the young Garou who follow Bull have not yet come to their senses. Bull charges headlong into action without thought and teaches his Children to do the same.


  • Each packmember gains +1 to Strength.
  • Whenever a packmember charges and hits a foe, it is as if the foe had The Falling Touch used upon them (with a chance for failure as per usual with the gift).
  • Followers of Bull gain a mild resistance (+1 to rolls) to attempts at taming and/or controlling them.


  • Bull in a china shop! Those who follow Bull find themselves to be clumsier than usual. (-1 to all dexterity rolls--except in combat situations, where they have no penalties.)
  • Packmembers may never expend willpower to hold back a frenzy. They often must leave stressful situations or run the risk of inflicting harm on themselves and those around them.

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