Buffalo is a totem of great strength. He tempers this brute force with a great wisdom, however, unlike his brother the Bull. He protects the blameless from undue harm and strives for balance above all things. A symbol of life and its cycles to Native Americans of the Plains Tribes, Buffalo has formed a unique bond with these people. Their fates have always been tied. Buffalo is often called upon when Garou come together for a cause, for it is Buffalo's way, and the way of the boundless herd, to work together to accomplish things. In these days of infighting and clanless Ronin, his name is seldom mentioned, though. Yet some still choose his weary path; to those he gives both strength and protection so that they may emulate their father.

Totem ban: Buffalo asks his children to protect the innocent, especially native peoples, and always to strive for the natural balance.

Background cost: 6

  • +1 Strength.
  • +3 dice to soak pools, both in the Umbra and in the Realm.
  • +1 to frenzy difficulties, making it more difficult to frenzy.
Totems of the Garou
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