Broken Prairie (Fallen)
Location: Pueblo, CO
Composition: Black Spiral Dancers (Formerly Shadow Lord, a few Uktena, Silent Strider visitors)
Totem: Formerly Grandfather Thunder
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At one point an Uktena Caern of old that had been abandoned and put to sleep when the Wyrmcomers came, the Caern was rediscovered by Shadow Lord settlers in the late 1930s. Matvei Dobrowski, ~Voice-Like-Thunder’s-Echo~, Adren Galliard, Sergei Viktor Tkachyov, ~Speaker-of-Grandfather's-Word~, Athro Philodox, their packs, and their families were the beginning of the Sept of Broken Prairie after Sergei ~Speaker-of-Grandfather's-Word~ won the right to settle the area and lead the Sept from an Uktena pack that was also looking to settle.

Broken Prairie was a very traditional Shadow Lord Sept, and from the mid 1980s onwards were focused on the problems of Pueblo, driving out one Leech after another who sought to establish control in the city, and then struggling with the encroachment of a Hive in the desert on the other side of the city in the late 1990s.

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In 2012, a substantial band of Black Spiral Dancers launched an attack on the Sept House and on the Caern, led by G'rik-Ikthya, formerly Gerik Dobrowski, ~Whisperer-of-Secrets-at-Night~, an Adren Theurge who had been missing and distant from the Sept several months following his fall to the Wyrm. Since then the Dancers have been seeking to turn the once-Caern into a hive.

The only survivors of the attack, Eli Tkachyov and his nephew Ty, fled Broken Prairie for St. Claire.

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