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Garou have their origins in nearly every human culture, but they can be broken down into three distinct breeds, defined not by race but by the species of their parents.


(Feral) - The Garou born of the union of a wolf and a Garou in the shape of the lupus are known as Lupus Garou. Although able to take homid form, they are in many ways still animals. Their thought processes and senses are those of the wolf, not that of the human, which makes them hopelessly alien in many human social situations.

Not to be confused with the lupus form, which is the normal wolf shape.


(Mule) - The sterile offspring of two Garou, often considered to be abominations. Although outcasts from Garou society, they are also in many cases the breed most familiar with it. All are born deformed in some way, although in many cases those that overcome their handicaps have the least problem gaining training from other Garou.


(Ape) - Born human, of the union of a human and a Garou, homids are the most common of the breeds of Garou. They function well in human society, suffering few of the problems of Metis and Lupus in dealing with their human sides. Some time around the onset of puberty, they are taken by Garou and indoctrinated into Garou culture.

Not to be confused with homid form, which is the human shape.

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