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The lowliest of the tribes, the Bone Gnawers live precariously on the streets of the urban slums. Often resembling dogs or jackals more than wolves, scorned and despised by other Garou, the scrawny, mangy Gnawers are nevertheless capable of extreme feats of survival, and are perhaps the most cunning of their line. Pragmatic and cynical, the Bone Gnawers long ago gave up on the lofty ideals of he other Garou, and do what they have to do to survive from day to day.

The Bone Gnawers are excellent survivors. From the very first, the Gnawers learned to live in harmony with every dweller of the city, including the Kindred. They learned how to avoid being seen through observing their totem animal, the Rat. They traveled, like rats, on merchant ships bound for other lands, sometimes stowing away, sometimes as crew members. When they landed in a new port they instantly took to the streets and vanished in the all-too-familiar mazes of poverty and decay present in every city.

The tribe itself is ruled through status, and status is determined by only three things: How often a Gnawer eats, how many other Gnawers he or she provides food for, and how much "neat stuff" a Gnawer can accumulate.