• Dagnyoffenris

    The following is GMInfo that may be used by GM's ONLY, at their discretion for various ONS purposes. This information is not to be used for simple things like character interactions unless your character has personally learned something from this page from Dagny. Any OOC/IC Cross over use of this page that does not meet those two criteria ensures that I'll think you're a ding dong and need to be swatted.

    From Game: 6/26/2014

    Competitive Swimmer, High Endurance, Stamina Beast, Perfectionist, Mother-Hen, Memory Flaw.

    • Received intense combat training during her 4 years in Norway's Get Sept. Made a few close friends while there, some of whom are more than willing to drop everything and help her out of a tough situation if necessary (Kin2*).
    • *Memor…

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