• Name: Sept of the Blind Bluff

    Treadmill, ghost town on the edge of the bawn.

  • Location: Montana Badlands
  • Composition: Shadow Lord dominated with some Uktena and a small representation of Glass Walkers, Black Furies, and Children of Gaia.
  • Totem: Rattlesnake
  • Nature: Unknown
  • Level: 3
  • Sept Alpha: Unknown
  • Caern Warder: Unknown
  • Moon Bridges: Unknown

General Information

Located in the Montana Badlands, the Sept of the Blind Bluff was originally controlled by the Uktena, but Sept membership dropped off severely in the mid-1800s as the Pure Tribes and their kin struggled to deal with encroaching white settlers. Eventually a pack of Shadow Lords moved in, offering to help. With their assistance, the boom-town of Treadmill was emptied out and the Sept was once again at peace... more or less.

The Shadow Lords, of course, never left, and by the turn of the century they'd taken over most of the Sept's leadership positions. They remain the tribe in power.

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