• Name: Blanche White

    Blanche White

  • Former Names: Blanche Maude Beaumont | ~Bright-Inspiration-of-War~
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 15 August 1989
  • Packs: None
  • Positions: Exiled, persecuted, left alone with no defense...


  • Creation Date: 24 Jan 2012
  • Creation Rank: Cliath
  • Departure Date: N/A

Info: Those with contacts back at the Falcon's Eyrie Sept ought to know something of her backstory. Others may only guess at it. She's a Ronin with Silver Fang breeding (a lot of it, in fact) and a month-old Metis pup.

Stats of Note: Pure Breed 4 (Silver Fang), Charisma 4

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