• Name: Sept of Black Wings
  • Location: [Locale], Serbia
  • Composition: Shadow Lords only.
  • Totem: Grandfather Thunder
  • Nature: Unknown
  • Level: Unknown
  • Sept Alpha: Unknown
  • Caern Warder: Unknown
  • Moon Bridges: Unknown

  • Former Residents: Salem
  • Visitors: None
  • OOC Contact: Hazmat

Recent Events: There was another political upheaval some time after the Sept had successfully repelled invading Sabbat, and Anya Beautiful Night, a Fostern Philodox, was driven out.

History: The Sept and its caern have been under the control of the Shadow Lords for over a hundred years. It was dealt a serious blow in 1995 when several packs of Sabbat moved into the area, but despite heavy casualties of Garou and Kinfolk, the Sept defeated the vampires, killing most and driving away the few who were left.

The Sept remains highly secretive, even to the point of insisting that all members swear a formal oath not to reveal the Sept's secrets. Visitors are not allowed within the caern, or even the inner Bawn, and only Shadow Lords are permitted to join.

Notable NPCs:

Vladimir Voice of the Storm, Galliard (Salem's uncle, deceased)

Anya Beautiful Night, Philodox (former Warder, no longer at this Sept, current location unknown)

Stone-Paws, Lupus (deceased, former MotC)

Lightning-Talons (deceased)

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