Totem of War Background Cost: 7

Much as the Children of Gaia have two elders - an Arm of the Goddess (male) and a Voice of the Goddess (female) - so to is there a different side of the healing Unicorn tribal totem of the Children: Black Unicorn (or "Unicorn's Shadow"). Black Unicorn is a totem of War, but from a time when war was pure and honorable, before even a time when "civilized" battles involved lining up troops on battlefields and taking alternating turns shooting volleys at one another. Cunning has no place with Black Unicorn: Nobility and chivalry are everything - especially the defense of the innocent.


  • Each packmember may ignore the first three health levels of damage done to them if and only if they are directly defending an individual in the scene who is currently helpless, and who they believe to be innocent from harm.
  • Black Unicorn grants the pack a pool of 3 extra willpower points to collectively draw from.
  • Black Unicorn packs are fearsome in battle, and when honorably defending an innocent, they are even more impressive. (+1 to hand-to-hand and close-range armed melee combat, +2 when directly defending those they believe to be innocent.)
  • They are perceived as Glorious and truly Honorable Garou.


  • Black Unicorn demands that his followers always fight honorably, even against foes who do not. Sneak/surprise attacks, twisting of words (especially as relates to terms of any kind of challenge), using ranged weapons against those who don't have them, and similar trickery will result in Unicorn expelling the offender from the pack. In addition, followers of Black Unicorn endeavor to discourage other garou from using dishonorable methods of combat in battle.
  • Black Unicorn requires that his Children defend those who are unable to defend themselves, from humans to spirits; this is a duty that is often more demanding than it would seem.

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