Black Furies Tribal Glyph

Consisting (almost) entirely of females(*), the Black Furies originated in ancient Greece, where they inspired a body of horrible mythology among the people of the region as particularly harsh enforcers of the Impergium. They dwell in the deepest wilderness and are staunch worshippers of the Wyld, emerging only to carry out surgical strikes against those who would desecrate the dwindling magical places of the world.

One of the oldest Garou tribes, the Black Furies were formed from a pack of she-wolves who were visited in the flesh by a manifestation of Luna as Artemis, Huntress of the Moon. Artemis charged the tribe with defending the most sacred places of Gaia. She promised they would be strong as long as they kept themselves pure. Alone among the Garou, the Furies worship Luna as Artemis. Some of their Philodoxes are the priestesses of Artemis, while some Theurges have dedicated their lives to becoming Oracles in service to the Huntress. The Black Furies have appointed themselves guardians of some of the most powerful Fetishes known to Garou. They often lead raiding parties against Tremere vampires and Uktena Garou in order to recover artifacts. The Furies are interested in locking such things away so that they can no longer be used against Gaia.

(*) The Furies have been known to occasionally keep male metis. Very occasionally.

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