Totem of Respect Background Cost: 6

The shaggy monarch of the American prairie is both hard-headed and serene. It is a dichotomy that is not lost on this spirit's children. Garou who follow Bison must understand that the route to enlightenment is through quiet, methodical thought. And yet, they know that his wicked horns will deal severely with any that disturb those thoughts. He tempers his brute force with a great wisdom. No stranger to sacrifice, Bison strives for balance above all things. Nearly wiped out in the 1890's with the advent of the repeating rifle, railroads and Manifest Destiny, Bison has recently made a comeback, but he continues to dislike the instruments of the Weaver that laid him low. A symbol of life and its cycles to Native Americans of the Plains Tribes, Buffalo has formed a unique bond with these people. Their fates have always been tied, and those of the pure tribes understand and respect him in his aspect as provider. As a totem of respect, all garou appreciate this regal beast, but the Uktena and Wendigo will be especially predisposed to look favorably on his children.


  • All pack members are able to stoically withstand extreme cold and take half damage from any cold-based attacks, thus increasing their ability to survive under adverse winter conditions.
  • They are also able to survive the trials and tribulations of the wilderness itself; as just one example, they are able to last without food or water longer than other Garou.
  • Bison's followers tend to be better than average at solving puzzles, riddles, and problems that confuse other Garou.
  • They may, once per month, recover two Willpower points during a scene. In addition, the collective pack may call upon 3 extra willpower points each lunar cycle.


  • Bison's followers must never use firearms. They must also never use trains, tractor trailers, or other forms of mass freight transport. (Passenger cars and pickup trucks are okay.)
  • Bison's followers must always use a part of what they kill for something constructive.
  • Bison's followers shed prolifically in the spring (March 20 to June 21) and tend to be very itchy and patchy looking, suffering a -1 to Appearance in all forms during this period.

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