• Name: Beatrice ~Death Stalker~
  • Former Names: As a cub, ~Noisy Ghost.~ Previously, Rebecca
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Ragabash
  • Tribe: Uktena
  • Rank: Cliath (1)
  • Date of Birth: Not known by this author
  • Packs: None
  • Positions: None


  • Creation Date: Not known by this author
  • Creation Rank: Cub (0)
  • Departure Date: July 2006

Notes: Beatrice started out Rebecca, a teenaged girl kinfetched for the Black Spiral Dancers, but without any taint. There was considerable debate on whether she should be outright killed after the Garou recovered her. Jacinta performed, and Kaz witnessed Rebecca undergo Break With The Past, where she assumed the name of Beatrice.

Soon after, she was claimed by the Uktena Tribe, where she was spirited away to Two Eagles Bluff to live. She was trained along with Veronica, where the two shared a fairly sour relationship. In June 2006, the pair went on their rite of passage, which involved a spirit quest that took place in the 1800s that took them to the Two Stumps and Hidden Walk of the historic past.

Beatrice left in July, 2006, for parts unknown.

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