Totem of War Background Cost: 6

The Great Bear is a fierce warrior but very wise in peace time. Children of the Bear are gifted with the art of healing and the ability to hibernate for up to three months at a time without need for food or drink. Their strength is also increased, mirroring Bear's great strength. Due to the events of the War of Rage, Bear has lost the trust and respect of the Garou, and has therefore lost power amongst the Totems of the Garou; his Children are distrusted by their Septmates. Upon discovering that a Pack has chosen Bear as its Totem, all members of the Pack will lose honor, and some of the honor they would normally earn goes instead directly to Bear. Sons of the Bear (Were-bears or Gurahl) look favorably upon Garou with this Totem, as do certain native peoples.


  • Each packmember may use Mother's Touch; once per week, one pack member may use Grandmother's Touch. In addition, packmembers are gifted with knowledge of mundane healing, primarily focused around herbal and other 'natural' remedies.
  • Packmembers may hibernate for up to 3 months without need for food or drink.
  • +1 to each packmember's Strength.
  • When attacking an enemy, their first charge is quite intimidating, potentially causing enemies to quail.


  • They are tasked with existing as an example to other Garou, demonstrating by word and deed why Bear is a wise and honorable spirit. (If they ever bring more dishonor or disregard to themselves or to their pack, Bear may be forced, with great sadness, to lose them as His Children.)
  • They are seen as dishonorable, distrusted, and somewhat graceless and lazy by many Garou. They tend to sleep a lot, are hard to rouse, and often miss the most exciting or crucial moments because of it.
  • Since Bear is not, natively, a pack animal, his packmembers use pack tactics less often, and are not as good at them when they do use them. (Half the benefit of usual tactics, GM discretion.)

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