Each Garou belongs to the Auspice associated with the phase of the moon they were born under. Auspice determines a Garou's role in society, and to some extent influences their personality as well.

A nutshell description of each auspice is listed below; how an auspice functions in a specific Tribe and even within that Tribe's camps will vary.

Ragabash[edit | edit source]

Ragabash Glyph

(New Moon) - Born outside of Luna's light, the Ragabash are the Tricksters. Their ways are mysterious, but they serve Gaia in times where Tooth and Claw are not appropriate.

Theurge[edit | edit source]

Theurge Glyph

(Crescent Moon) - As the sliver of moonlight pierces the night, so does the Theurge pierce the soul. The mystics of the Garou, they understand the Spirit world better than anyone, and often this understanding leads to a greater knowledge of that which lies within as well.

Philodox[edit | edit source]

Philodox Glyph

(Half Moon) - The Philodox forever seeks a balance, to see all sides of things. They all know the Litany by heart, and act as the judges for the Garou. The Philodox must maintain sight of the purpose of the Garou at all times.

Galliard[edit | edit source]

Galliard Glyph

(Gibbous Moon) - The artists, the singers, the poets, the dancers. The Galliards remind the Garou of the joys of life, and inspire them in their fight against the Wyrm.

Ahroun[edit | edit source]

Ahroun Glyph

(Full Moon) - The Warriors. Like the Full Moon, there is nothing of subtlety to the Ahroun. They are the champions of battle, in the vanguard of the war against the Wyrm.

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