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Well, everyone--it's up! I got as much info as I could scam by myself. :)
=August 2001 Caern Convos=
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So, here we go! Sorry for the funky spacing, HTML does that. ;) If I missed anything, I'm really sorry! Please let me know if I did miss anything, guys, so I make sure I won't miss it for Oct.!

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August 2001 Caern Convos


There is a new Strider galliard in town. She goes by the name of Tatt, or Bloodsinger. Seems to have hell of a tongue, too.

Irene Runs-the-Line-Between-Dark-and-Light is the new Gaian philodox, arrived from the Western Eye.

Ardenas (or Dena) Serendipity's-Shadow is a new Black Fury in the area; adren and ahroun, from Gaia's Bones. It seems like she might be taking over eldership from Agatha, what with her high rank; later her friend was seen around the Hidden Walk and has seemed to be getting acquainted with her tribesisters.

Zoe is an ahroun as well, ranked fostern.

Yet another Fury arrival is Laura Child-Holder, a soft-spoken theurge who is seen hanging around the bawn and Fury House.

Quincy Gaia's-Thoughts is a new Gaian theurge who just popped out of the woodwork.

Tyler Rain-Cougar is a Wendigo ahroun (ooh, aah) and no one seems to know where they're from except maybe Leonard Little Bear and he ain't talking.

Dane Morningstar is a new Child of Gaia, and a philodox. =A0Andrea picked him up at the bus stop in early August.

The Glass Walkers got a new cliath who calls himself John Smith, from Grey Skies, and he definitely fits the ahroun stereotype.


Tobin and Jervis are two new Silver Fang cubs who seem to be taught by Valoran King's-Gambit; Tobin is a theurge and Jervis is a new moon.

There is a scary amount of Glass Walker cubs in St. Claire! They're pouring from the damn sewers. (No, wait--that would be the Gnawers.)

There's Dizzy, Jonathan, Sophia and Corey: ragabash, theurge, theurge,and ragabash, respectively.

There's a gaggle of Fury and Strider cubs, as well. Cailet, Ruth and Aaron are new Striders, and Katie and Ceylan are new Furies.

Karin, the Fury galliard cub, has returned from her stint at Gaia's Bones to learn to restrict her pesky Ancestors.


Kaz Ears-to-the-Ground Challenged Elan Shadow-Eyes for the rank of fostern and now she's got it, so we can all finally rejoice!

Agatha Returns-From-Afar challenged Megaera Mist-Walker to Fury elder in the Fury House and it ended up with Agatha on top and a couch shredded something fierce.

Apparently the adren Black Fury Dena has taken over the reins of both the farmhouse and Fury eldership.


At the latest moot (July), there were a lot of things addressed. Andrea is now the alpha of the sept, Robert is still Warder, and Nightflash has taken up to be Master of the Challenge and Adam is Groundskeeper. (We are surrounded by Coggies!)

The Master of the Rite is Elan.

Other Things

Brian, the once alpha of the Hidden Walk, left, along with Steven.

Andrea took up the post, since she's back from Erebus with her pack.


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