After his Osctracism, Derrick was captured by DNA while trying to find a lost Silver Fang kinfolk. Rather than leave Derrick in the hands of the Garou's enemies, the sept rallied to rescue him. Though few talk about their breaking of the rite, it's almost certain that some broke the ritual requirements to plan the attack. The sept's lead theurges, including Andrea, Soren and Joseph, summoned earth and fire elementals to help on the realm side. Earth required a fetish, which Pete Barlow gave, after telling the story of the klaive. Each Garou that participated in the fire rituation bears the mark of Fire, though the three riteleaders bear the worst. The battle was largely a slaughter of the humans, once the spirits struck. Derrick was rescued, and the rogue kinfolk Theo Roosevelt was killed.


Owen Hollsinger has continued his spree of not backing down from a fight, now adding Derrick among Mountain's Peak and Louisa of folks he left behind in a heap that he walked away from. Perhaps Owen just needs a better hobby.


The Moot in April was a raucous affair which culminated in about four Challenges being issued.

Much controversy surrounded what to do with Derrick after his rescue. Adam Dies-For-Others, as the philodox selected, gave judgement to be the Satire Rite. Brian Heartsfire, alpha of the sept, also challenged Derrick to combat. If Derrick won, he could stay, but if he lost, he must either Winter Wolf or leave the sept, after receiving the Satire Rite.

Adam challenged Megan, after the older philodox pulled rank and announced that if Brian won the Challenge against Derrick, she would have him killed as punishment, instead of the Satire Rite.

Owen challenged Robert over the Warder's banning of combat in the Caern.

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