Name: Angela ('Anji') Kyriacou

Former Names: None

Gender: Female

Breed: Human

Tribe: Black Fury (kin)

Date of Birth: Circa 1983-4


Creation Date: 2005

Departure Date: N/A

Anji originates from the Sept of Three Times Three in New Hampshire and is daughter of a well-respected philodox there. Having completed library school in Connecticut she was fortunate enough to land a job at SCCU Library, where she has worked since spring 2005, and where she seems happy enough.

She does what she can to support the Black Furies of the Hidden Walk both financially, emotionally, and logistically (her little beat-up car, the Goddessmobile, often proving helpful in this last respect). She's especially close to Leslie, enjoys the company of Laura and Helen, though Alesia and (even more so) KL tend to make her edgy. She hasn't interacted a great deal with non-Fury garou, though she has had several encounters with Basil which have caused stress in one way or another.

She lives in Red Mill Apartments, midtown St Claire, and her home is the closest to a Fury base in the city that the tribe can claim.

Physically she is a plump, olive-skinned woman with a lot of curly black hair.

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