Background Edit

Anastasia was born to an Ananasi kin mother and Hatar father, a man who had renounced the Wyrm to follow the Weaver. But nature and nurture are strong and he was not able to keep his vows. When it became apparent that her husband had returned to old ways, Anastasia's mother left him and took her daughter with her. To prevent her father from reclaiming her, their family secreted them away for protection. Unfortunately, this secrecy meant that Anastasia had no contact with her Ananasi family and did not learn of her heritage.

Many years of living hidden were violently interrupted when the two were seriously injured in an accident. Suspecting the Hatar had found them, with her last words Anastasia's mother set her daughter to flight. Homeless and adrift, the young girl eventually found her way to St. Claire.

Game History Edit

Anastasia reached St. Claire at an inopportune time: her first change. The violent encounter that triggered her change attracted the interest of several local Garou. Finding her in the aftermath, bathed in blood with the bodies of her attackers around her, she had already returned to her human form. Confusion ensued and she was eventually brought to the Caern as a new cub. However, the Sept Elders did not accept her, finding something off-putting about her smell and her mannerisms. She eventually fled for her life, injured and with several of the Sept's guardians in pursuit.

While the Sept in general would have nothing to do with her, several of her new cub friends decided to take her protection into their own hands. She eventually found herself under their wing and Feinen's, a local mage. And none too soon as her father had been tracking her and showed up in St. Claire to bring her into the Hatar fold with him. In pursuit of their friend, the cubs and a few older Garou eventually managed to intercede. The scene became violent when, thwarted, Anastasia's father showed his true colours. It ended bloodily for him.

Back in the city, the right people among the supernatural community outside St. Claire were eventually reached and Anastasia was finally united with her aunt and returned to the family and to the Weaver's side. While she never did return to St. Claire, she stayed in touch with several of the cubs afterword.

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