(All) The Allies background tends to work like in the WW source book. Allies:1 is equivalent to having an extremely good friend--perhaps a cliath garou NPC. Allies:2 would be equivalent to having two cliath or one fostern garou NPC friend, or possibly a vampire. Allies:3 would be a combination of various ranked garou (max of rank 3), maybe two vampires or one mage. That kind of power level. And don't discount humans that have tremendous clout that would bend over backwards for your character. A high-ranking kinfolk police officer brother that disposes of evidence for you with no questions asked? Definitely an Ally.

Allies are true-blue friends that'll be there for you if you need them. As such, they should be listed in your &GMINFO with names and a brief description as to who they are (see "+help gminfo"). Unlike Contacts, Allies will put themselves at risk for you and not expect anything in return. They won't sell you out either--unless you slight or abuse them.

Your Allies score divided by two and rounded down can serve as a Mentor background (see "+info/bg mentor")--provided there's some recompensation involved and it's not too inconvenient.

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