Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 6

A quintessential loner of the streets, Alley Cat embodies the cleverness of feline kind to survive in the urban dwellings of Man without ever being chained down. Reliance on others is not his forte; he is his own fighter, his own playmaker, his own judge, jury and executioner. Alley Cat hides in the dirty shadows and stalks his prey with razor sharp wits and claws. Not very many Garou see reason to follow what traditionalists call a “weaker” version of feral Cat. Packs who follow Alley Cat will find little solace in each other's company, but their cunning and streetwise will keep them alive.

Source: Mekoides


  • One pack member at a time may use the Gift: Eyes of the Cat.
  • Alley Cat is a definite opportunist. Often that means getting away if things are bad or getting the jump on things if they’re too good to pass up. To do this, followers gain the ability to stalk and hide better through the shadows (+1 Stealth).
  • Understanding that losing a fight can be very detrimental to one’s survival, each member of Alley Cat’s favor gains razor sharp claws help ensure the victory of his followers in a fight. (+1 extra die damage to claw attacks)
  • Wits and streetwise keep a cat alive in a tough situation. Alley Cat’s followers gain +1 Streetwise and potential initiative bonus (GM discretion) when dealing with a potentially messy situation.


  • Those who follow Alley Cat must never harm a feline, even those tainted by the Wyrm; in such instances, there must be an attempt to cleanse the feline.
  • Territory is a difficult subject for Alley Cat’s followers; as solitary a creature as Alley Cat is, packs will find it difficult to share territory with others, and often the pack’s ‘territory’ is, in reality, individual territories bordering or slightly overlapping each other.
  • The aloof and selfish nature of Alley Cat winds up affecting his followers. Unless convinced or bribed into it, a Garou must draw upon his will to act on the behalf of others selflessly. (Willpower roll or spend 1 point Willpower)
  • Traditional Garou will not see followers of Alley Cat as particularly honorable nor glorious because of their selfish nature.
  • Followers of Rat and Dog are often at odds with followers of Alley Cat given the clashing nature of their totems. They still may attempt to follow him, though.

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