• Name: Alfred Woolcott Lucey
  • Usualy called: Lucey
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Human, Garou kin
  • Positions: Retainer to the Silver Fangs, specifically as footman in the household of Fremont ~Weathers-the-Silver-Storm~ Littlejohn, butler to the Earl of Tottenham, and latterly as valet to the Earl's son, Cedric Ambermere.


  • Creation Date: February 2007
  • Departure Date: Early 2008


A member of the Lucey family, one which has long served the Silver Fangs in Britain as unshakeably loyal retainers, although their breeding is less rarified than many of the Tribe. Alfred Lucey initially trained as a footman, then served a time in the British Army on an investigative misison for the Tribe, where he reached the rank of Sergeant. On his return he went to work in the household of the Earl of Tottenham, and was eventually sent to join the Earl's younger son Cedric in America, as valet. He participated in more than one Veil-breach cover-up and a cubnapping during his time in the area. He arranged Cedric's return to Britain on the Galliard's expulsion from the Sept, then after a brief visit to inform Cedric's former packmates of their friend's safe arrival, he left St. Claire for good.

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