Alastair is a bit of an enigmatic figure. Intelligent and known to be just a bit weird by those who know him, he's nevertheless a friendly and amiable sort, easy-going and not too difficult to talk with. He currently teaches entry-level math at a local high school, as well as acts as an advisor for the kids.

The Non-Mundane:

He is known to be a Mage to a couple of the garou, but it is not yet common knowledge.

He is very secretive of what he does and what he is and what, exactly, the purpose of what all he is doing often is, and has been known to err on the side of the slightly paranoid. His goals often seem to fluctuate. He believes that the world is made of things that can be altered and can be changed - however, that does not mean the Tapestry is meant to be altered in all ways. He strives to be subtle despite the often risky manner of the sphere he is often works in, and also believes in helping the Sleepers whenever he can, but not at a risk to exposing himself.

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