• Name: Adalyn Cross, ~Brings-News-of-Death~ (Death-Harbinger)
  • Former Names: ~Learns-Quickly~ (cub name from Moon-Otter)
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Theurge
  • Tribe: Shadow Lords
  • Rank: Cliath (1)
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Packs: Stormfront (former)
  • Positions: None


  • Creation Date: June 26 2007
  • Creation Rank: Cub (0)
  • Rite of Passage Rank Promotion Date: Dec 16 2007
  • Departure Date:

Notes: With the sudden death of her Grandmother and only 'old family' member she cares to consider having left, Adalyn is back from over a month's absence. She's now the reluctant new owner of her deceased relatives home, with the intention of safe-guarding it as a new Shadow Lord hangout. She's left with just enough money to keep the tax collectors off her back and keep the shelves filled with ramen. With her tribe and pack Alpha gone, the Theurge brings with her a new spark and dedication to Grandfather Thunder. She seeks to find new meaning, a new place amongst her tribe and perhaps, to rekindle the abandoned thought of her now lost pack. Even more, perhaps the creation of her own. She sheds her naivety and airiness for a darker, ruminative demeanor and perhaps a new hint of sophistication and delusion. At a glance: (App, 3) (Percep. 4) (Manip. 3)

  • Character rited on-screen
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