Totem of the Caern: The Renascence Bird Dates of Stewardship: 2013 - Current

The Renascence Bird

He is brother to the Phoenix and the Simurgh, cousin to the Firebirds. He often manifests as a giant eagle whose feathers are made of fire, though sometimes he might appear as a heron, or peacock. His fiery feathers sometimes fall free--but only if the spirit wishes it--and they can then act as a light source in the dark places. Light, knowledge, enrichment--these are all aspects of the Renascence Bird. He is ancient, and in all that time he has seen the world born and destroyed many times. He holds the understanding of the ages and acts as messenger between earth and sky. As a recordkeeper and messenger, he is well acquainted with the Weaver, like the firebirds of Falcon's brood that maintain the repository of knowledge in the Light Web. Even now, they protect this remnant of the sane Weaver. He can also be seen as an agent of the Wyld, his feathers ever changing and always moving and morphing in unpredictable ways. Some have even said his fiery touch can turn things to water, and they call him the Transmuter. He is, however, a true spirit of the uncorrupted Wyrm. In his aspect of fire, he consumes what was, and in so doing lays the seed for new birth. His fire, therefore, is bright, hot, and all consuming. He is the conflagration. Annihilation. Often seen as and sought as a spirit of War, he is also very wise. For, despite all this destruction, no information is ever lost--it is merely transformed, while its memory is preserved.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Aahn is a Sahaptin (Yakima Dialect) word for the sun.

Source: Wizards

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