• 27 January - A large group of Garou led by Owen travel the moon bridge route from Hidden Walk to Mount St. Helens to make sure that it is safe for when the wasps are led away.  They do battle with a group of soldiers that have broken loose from Battlefield, while some of their number repair the breach.  The group emerges bloodied but triumphant.  During the fight, however, Salem kills Flint when the two frenzied Garou have no enemies near at hand and turn on one another, instead.
  • 2 February - The Garou of Hidden Walk execute their plan to reclaim the site of Hidden Walk's caern.  Elliot and Riley infiltrate the wasp nest and recover the larva of the new queen and take it to Jacinta, who carries it across the waiting moon bridge to Mount St. Helens.  The remaining garou attempt to lure as many of the wasps as possible across the moon bridge before it collapses, and then turn to combat to deal with the rest.
  • 8 February - Jacinta leads a small group of Garou in performing a Rite of Cleansing of the caern site.
  • 17 February - Norman leads a small group of Garou in performing a Rite of Cleansing on the Umbra side of the caern site.  Nieve and Reggie attempt to lead a spirit from Pangaea that had somehow ended up in the underground back home.
  • 17 March - New totems officially make their appearance after a large battle to reopen the Caern: Gyhldeptis, Wixalxali, and Aahn.
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