• 6 February - Luna's Face is stolen by Karuvar and pursued by Mouse.
  • 11 February: Hidden Walk holds a sept moot at which the caern is placed into slumber to protect it from the forthcoming wasp invasion. 
  • 1 March - An agreement is struck for the return of Luna's Face. A group of Garou including Kaz and Nieve begin helping Karuvar and the King of Cats retrieve the pieces of the Lucent Witness.
  • 8 March: Flint becomes cliath, and starts on building a memorial for Glass Walkers of the Sept who have died, due to the lack of access to the bawn and burial mounds.
  • 20 March: Alexandra and Hayden venture deep into Thunder Cave and discover the spirit of a Shadow Lord metis and a bane in the form of a crystal dragon that he had died attempting to slay decades before.  The two cubs complete the task that the deceased metis could not, thus completing their Rites of Passage and earning the rank of Cliath.
  • 12 June: Jamethon performs the Rite of the Totem for  Alexandra, Flint, and Ky.  The three Cliath venture into the Umbra in search of the totem that best suits them for the scouting pack they hope to form.  After trials of combat, diplomacy, and investigation, the three choose to free rather than slay the Beast Glatistant and are accepted by Bigwing, the Merlin spirit who became the pack totem for Unfettered.
  • 15 August - Largely through the actions of the Karuvar and Nieve, the Lucent Witness is repaired, and per previous agreements regarding Luna's Face (via Mouse and Kaz), the Garou are allowed to partake of the Witness' wisdom before Karuvar returns it to the Bastet and the King of Cats.
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