• January - At the turn of the new year, a group of Black Spiral Dancers, allied with an ex-sept member Mathias, attack multiple points of the sept protectorate including the Farmhouse as well as Cedric's haven for the Silver Fangs. The Farmhouse is burned to the ground. The ensuing human police investigation brings conclusions of a cult being run within the grounds of the farmhouse, but there are no successful leads exposing the Garou.
  • 7 March - The Council of Elders strips Cedric Ambermere of his sept membership for his involvement in the Mathias affair earlier that year. The action results in a duel between Silvertip and Cedric, which Silvertip wins.
  • April - Stacey is kidnapped by a pack of Black Spiral Dancers, who later turn out to be lead by a powerful alpha named Carnage, that is building into an evil force out in Spokane, Washington.
  • May - Stacey is rescued, and the Garou go on the alert when they discover a ronin by the name of Adam, whose pack of ronin Garou rescued Stacey from the hands of Carnage. Adam's pack subsequently, tentatively, allies with the Hidden Walk in their efforts to bring Carnage down.
  • June - Silvertip leads the sept in The Great Hunt against fomori-run factory, with Riot Firebringer as a fatality. The rite is a success.
  • July - The number of attacks on the Walk bawn increase. Fomori attack using ATV and dune buggy vehicles. BSDs attack in fairly large number and frequency. In one such attack, Cael North-Star is killed.
  • 15 August - Mia challenges Jamethon for Jarl of the Get of Fenris, and wins.
  • 16 August - Kaz, freshly having won the rank of Adren, challenges Vera Yadviga for Sept Eldership, and wins.
  • 17 August - Jacinta challenges Jamethon for Warder, and wins.
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