• 18 June - Vera led a portion of the sept into battle against a river siren, the tentacle'd, water dwelling target of 2005's Great Hunt. The fight was successful; there were no fatalities, though heavy injuries were sustained by some.
  • 26 June - Reggie lead the sept in The Great Hunt against a variety of sewer leech-worm-things. The revelers killed the great wyrm tainted worm-leech-thing, with no serious casualties. The Rite was a success.
  • 29 July - Emma led Havoc, along with a portion of the sept, against a tire fire blight. While the balefire bane was run off, many other banes remained hale and present at the blight. A large, unknown threat ended the assault as the attackers retreated to avoid it. Many grievous casualties occurred, though none of them were fatal.
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