• May - A large contingent of Black Spiral Dancers attack the bawn. The defenders of the Hidden Walk are forced into retreat.
  • June - The remaining forces of the Hidden Walk overrun the Black Spiral Dancers that have taken over the caern. They thwart the Rite of Pit Building, and successfully win back their caern at the expense of their caern totem, Fog.
  • August - The first moot of the new Caern of the Hidden Walk opens with a Nexus Crawler attacking the caern's heart as the defenders and gathered attempted to call a new totem to the heart. The Nexus Crawler is defeated. Wendigo and Chimera answer the call, but the majority of the sept chooses Chimera to be the totem, establishing the new nature of the Hidden Walk.
  • October - John Smith leads an hunt near Greysky as part his fostern challenge. The group is ambushed by a Black Spiral Dancers pack led by an Adren with Silver Claws. John Smith and Kate Coneff (Better known as ~Chaser-Never-Rests~) died in the attack.
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