Foster Re-Elected

Despite heavy opposition, most notably from Councilperson Gloria Vaughn, Sara Foster is elected to her fourth term as Mayor.

Under A Blood Red Moon

September: Following a declaration of war on the Garou by Lodin, Prince of Chicago, the Garou strike back, killing dozens of Chicago's vampires, including most notably Prince Lodin himself.

Caern Gathering/Attack

October: Garou begin to gather en masse in preparation for the opening of a great Caern near St. Claire. At the great Moot intended to open the Caern, a United States Army helicopter armed with silver weaponry attacks, injuring many of the Elders of the Sept-to-be. Fingers are pointed at the Vampires of St. Claire for the responsibility for the attack, but, given the Vampires' Masquerade, the attack is largely covered up from the local media and police.

Caern Opening

November: The Caern outside of St. Claire is finally opened in a long Moot which requires sacrifice from nearly every participant. A powerful Wyrm spirit of some kind attempts to disrupt the moot, but is driven off.

Violence And Organization

December: At the beginning of the month there are several violent attacks in the city involving the Garou, and the Veil is pushed dangerously near the breaking point. Partially as a result of this, the Elders of the Caern lay down strict guidelines regarding activities within the City, and strict punishments -- including the Rite of the Silver Forge -- are claimed on the transgressors. Additionally, the holders of various Sept positions are named by the Elders Council, and a certain degree of stability and peace comes over the Caern.

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