Wendigo Leave

The Wendigo running the Caern vanish, leaving Saint Claire's Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers the only Garou in the immediate area. There are no clues to where the Wendigo went, and the Caern falls into dormancy.

Anarch Revolution

After servants of the Prince of Los Angeles severely beat a Brujah Anarch, cities all over the West Coast have their Vampire Princes killed or replaced by groups of younger Anarchs. The Brujah Anarch in question, Jeremy MacNeil, is declared the leader of the Anarchs of the Anarch Free States. Locally, Raleigh responds ruthlessly, calling an unlimited Blood Hunt against Clan Brujah. Six Brujah vampires are killed, along with two Ventrue of Raleigh's Get who participated in the Hunt. By the end of the year there are no surviving members of Clan Brujah in St. Claire.

The Real Story

The Wheel is threatened by a supernatural menace (known in later years as the Ice King) that has destroyed several other Wendigo Caerns. The Shaman of the Wheel divine it is the Wendigo of the Sept, and not the Caern itself, that is the prey. Hoping to save the Caern, most of the Wendigo leave, accompanied by Magpie and Buffalo. Nine warriors remain behind with Cougar. The monster attacks the Wheel, despite the fact that most of the Garou have fled, and slays Cougar's Nine. It is prevented from destroying the Caern only by the sacrifice of Cougar himself. The courageous spirit tears through reality, pulling himself and the enemy into a flux realm. The Wendigo return, but can only discern that both Cougar and the enemy are lost. They declare the place cursed, bury their dead, and close the Caern.

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