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Cedric Arrives[]

  • Having heard tales of "Injun magics" told by Zebediah Regan during his sojourn in St. Louis, Cedric, a powerful Tremere warlock, brings together a medium-sized party of retainers and treks overland to the St Claire area. Finding a bustling town with a population already nearing 1000 people, he decides to settle down for a time and investigate the magical anomaly across the river from the town.

US History[]

  • Washington is still not a state.
  • The Scarlet Letter is published.
  • Los Angeles and San Francisco are incorporated.
  • President Zachary Taylor dies in office; Vice President Millard Fillmore becomes the 13th President of the United States.
  • California becomes the 31st US State.
  • The California Gold Rush continues.