Unofficial GarouMUSH Wiki

Syntax: +shift <form name>
+shift/q <form name>

+shift is a roleplaying aid for players who are members of the Changing Breeds (the Garou and their brethren) on GarouMUSH. It does several things at once: First, it generates some generic emits as you change your form. Secondly, it updates your attributes and &form attribute -- your +sheet will look different in different forms, try it out. Lastly, it triggers your &ashift attribute, if you have one.

'+shift/q' will update your +sheet Attributes, &form, and trigger any @ashift attributes, but will not do the emit.

See '+help shift2' for details on how to personalize your +shift emits, and '+help shift3' for a list of the various forms that the Changing Breeds can assume.

+help shift2[]

The attributes which you can set to personalize your shapeshifting are:
&SHIFT Changes the emit that you alone see when shifting
DEFAULT: "You change into <form>."
&OSHIFT Changes the emit that others see
DEFAULT: "<Your name> changes into <form>."
&ASHIFT Can be set-up to trigger non-emit commands on you.

The '+shift/setup' command can be run by Garou characters to set up an &ASHIFT attribute that will change their @name/@alias when the +shift command is run. Up to 10 aliases can be set. Names and aliases can be up to 21 characters. Names and aliases can contain alphabetic letters, numbers, underscores, dashes, spaces, periods, ticks, backticks, and commas. To use, do +shift/setup <homid name>;<garou name>;<rest of aliases>. Check first that names are not already in use, as this command does not verify that names are available for use. Examples:

+shift/setup Jill;Slays-the-Wyrm
This sets up the ashift for a character with a homid name of Jill and a Garou name of Slays-the-Wyrm.

+shift/setup Touch Deer;Cries-No-More;TD;Cries
This sets up the ashift for a character with a homid name of Touch Deer, a Garou name of Cries-No-More, and two more aliases of TD and Cries.

(Continued in '+help shift3')

+help shift3[]

The various forms that can be taken, listed by race:

ANANASI: Homid, Lilian, Pithus, Crawlerling
BASTET: Homid, Sokto, Crinos, Chatro, Feline
CORAX: Homid, Crinos, Corvid
GAROU: Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, Lupus
GURAHL: Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, Ursine
MOKOLE: Homid, Archid, Suchid
NUWISHA: Homid, Tsitsu, Manabozho, Sendeh, Latrani
RATKIN: Homid, Crinos, Rodens
ROKEA: Homid, Crinos, Squamus

Note that the existence of a race up there doesn't mean that that race is available as a player race at the present time. See 'news forms' for a list of what the Garou forms look like.